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 Store Tournaments

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PostSubject: Store Tournaments   Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:04 am

The store will be holding two tournaments every week, a standard one and a draft.
The standard tournaments will be held on the friday of every week starting at 6:30.
The price is $5 tax included (free until April 1st 2011) for every person 10 dollars in store credit is added to the prize pool.
Draft Tournaments will be held on the staurday of every week starting at 1:00
(despite what the sign says the store will be opening at 12 on saturdays)
the price is 15 dollars tax included. For every person 2 packs are added to the prize pool.

If there is a particular format you want tournaments in you can message me on the forums or talk to me in person at the store.
We can discuss further and see about adding it to the list.

The store is also hosting a new ongoing tournament.
Starting February 25 every time you play a game of magic against myself or another person in the store you gain points which can be redeemed for products and store credit.
For every game win you gain 3 points every draw you gain 2 and every lose you gain 1. Names and point values will be posted on a board behind the counter.
Points can be redeemed at any time.
Every 3 points may be redeemed for a dollar of in-store credit and every 10 points may be redeemed for a single booster pack.
Points will still be awarded during tournaments but on a per match basis.
Proxied decks will still earn points if both players are okay with it.

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Store Tournaments
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