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 Combat damage to multiple blockers

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PostSubject: Combat damage to multiple blockers   Tue Oct 27, 2009 9:15 pm

I had a discussion with Warren today about how combat damage is dealt to multiple blockers. I looked it up after I got home and this is what I found:

Quote :
510.1. First, the active player announces how each attacking creature assigns its combat damage, then
the defending player announces how each blocking creature assigns its combat damage. This turnbased
action doesn’t use the stack. A player assigns a creature’s combat damage according to the
following rules:


The crux of our discussion pertained to who gets to decide the order in which damage is dealt to the blocking creatures, the attacker or the defender. I interpret he rules quoted above to read that in the case of multiple blockers to a single attacking creature, it is the attacking player who decides the order in which the blocking creatures will receive damage.

Here is a link to a video explaining the new combat rules, the section relevant to this discussion starts at 5:30

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PostSubject: Re: Combat damage to multiple blockers   

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Combat damage to multiple blockers
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