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 Tournament Infractions- Decklists

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PostSubject: Tournament Infractions- Decklists   Thu Jan 21, 2010 7:55 pm

I am going to suggest decklists for all constructed tournaments. I find that forcing myself to write down the contents of my deck gives me a better look at what's in my deck and helps me make changes to improve it. Also, it's very good practice for competetive level tournaments where decklists are enforced.

Some issues came up at our tournament last night regarding decklists. One player's decklist only had 58 cards listed. Another player's decklist had only 7 cards listed in the sideboard. The minimum number of cards in a constructed deck is 60, and constructed sideboards must contain exactly 15 cards. Both players had perfectly legal decks, the errors were only to do with the process of recording their decklists.
Quote :
If the decklist is illegal, the player is considered to have an illegal deck, regardless of the physical contents of his or her deck.
Both of these infractions constitute a Deck Error- Illegal Decklist and would warrent a penalty of a game loss. The penalty would be applied to the first game of the next round and the decks/decklists would have to be corrected prior to that. Since we were just playing for fun, we ignored the problem.

Hopefully, getting into the practice of writting a decklist and bringing it to contructed tournaments will reduce small mistakes like these.
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PostSubject: Re: Tournament Infractions- Decklists   Sat Jan 23, 2010 1:10 pm

He's 100% right.

Writing it out really helps you see what you can do with your deck.
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Tournament Infractions- Decklists
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